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Business Coaches Adam and Tom

We Help You, Become a Better You

Believe | Behave | Become

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To help you understand yours,

then align your actions to it.

When you achieve this,

you become a better you.


Our Philosophy:


"Business & Life Are Simple,

They're Just Not Easy."


To help you achieve this we use a method called:



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There is Only One Outcome
"Freedom & Success"

Coach Adam Hurd

We transform your success with a dual coaching approach

Coach Adam Hurd


is the perfect decision-making partner. He works on your priorities, their purpose and the actions needed to gain the success and freedom you deserve.

Coach Tom Marino


helps you achieve this by guiding you in getting unstuck, working on overcoming the obstacles to enable you to become the best version of yourself.


saw the opportunity to combine their skillsets, life learnings, and know-how for a higher good. Together they help people to live a life of Harmony in business and life, gaining freedom and success in their health, wealth, and happiness

Coach Tom Marino

When you learn to
believe in something

Then you can take the actions to Behave like it.
The outcome is, you Become it.

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What we all truly desire is
freedom and success...

This is achieved by aligning your actions with your purpose...

Believe, Behave, Become,
Allows You to Both:

Discover your purpose and work to align your actions to it.   

Creating a Life of:
Health, Wealth and Happiness!

At Atomic Business Coaching, we specialize in:

Guiding business owners to realize their full potential in both business and life.

We almost exclusively work with...

"Purple Collar Professionals"


These are individuals whose work combines the hands-on expertise of "blue collar" roles with the analytical acumen of "white collar" jobs, thus creating a unique blend of skills that sets them apart.

We are based on Long Island, NY, and offer both in-person and virtual coaching to entrepreneurs.

If you are a "Purple Collar Professional" that owns a business and is seeking guidance to harmonize your professional endeavors with your personal aspirations, let's set up a complimentary session today!

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