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Cash Flow Fight Club Podcast

Adam Hurd and Tom Marino share insights on mindset mastery, overcoming common entrepreneur challenges, and their unique collaborative coaching approach. Learn their strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving life harmony through Atomic Business Coaching. Hear real client success stories and how small daily tasks built one man's confidence, growing his business revenues exponentially.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

● Finding harmony through purpose

● The value of dual perspectives in coaching

● Strategy for bringing clarity to clients

● Embracing the reality that entrepreneurship is hard work

Meet The Hosts:

Mike is a successful real estate investor, experienced Supply Chain executive, coach and entrepreneur. He has over 30 years experience running international Supply Chain organizations in Fortune 50 companies and has successfully transitioned into business entrepreneurship, owning and operating 3 successful companies with his wife Ligia.

Ligia spent the early years of her career contributing in multinational companies of various sizes, where she learned the importance of building strong networks with a diversity of people and having a keen attention to detail. Since she and her husband began their own business in 2017, her interest in creating wealth through real estate investments has continued to grow. She now sees multifamily investment opportunities as one of the best ways to deliver substantial, recession-resistant returns.

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Titans of the Trades: Episode 53: May 1, 2024

Ryan Englin and Tom Marino discuss the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in finding work-life harmony and growing their businesses. They debunk the myth that entrepreneurs have to do it all themselves and emphasize the importance of delegating tasks to a competent team.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

  • Entrepreneurs should delegate tasks to a competent team instead of trying to do everything themselves.

  • Systems and processes are essential for consistent quality and efficiency in business operations.

  • Branding, prospecting, sales, production, and building relationships are the core activities every business owner should focus on.

  • Hiring and retaining employees who can do 60-80% of what you do is crucial for business growth.

  • Investing in employees is an investment in time freedom and can lead to significant returns.

Meet The Host:

Ryan Englin is passionate about supporting blue collar companies to build amazingly productive companies by hiring the right people. Growing up, he saw his own father working 12-hour shifts and weekends as an owner/operator, witnessing firsthand the struggles that these companies have in hiring quality frontline employees.

His company, Core Matters, provides coaching and training on attracting, hiring, and retaining rock star employees. Using his proven process, the Core Fit Hiring System, small and midsize businesses learn how to start hiring better people, faster.

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People Strategy Forum Podcast: Episode 90

The best practitioner is not always a great leader because some simply don’t have what it takes. That’s what we will dive into this episode! Tom Marino, a distinguished executive, and Adam Hurd, the Vice Chairman of the New York Advisory Group, share their insights about transitioning from a practitioner to a leader. They discussed the different aspects a great leader should have and the job of a leader to be successful in that position.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

● How Adam and Tom evolved their careers as coaches 

● Strategies on how to transition from a practitioner to a leader

● The common challenges Purple Collar Professionals face today

● The need for leaders to remain open to learning and feedback to grow and prosper in their business 

Meet The Host:

Howard Nizewitz is a compensation advisor and strategic HR consultant, a crusader for “Break Free From Spreadsheets,” and an advocate for changing the dynamics of the compensation conversation. He wants to put the fun back in compensation! His extensive expertise in compensation management comes with a 30-year track record of implementing strategic and successful compensation programs in the financial services and technology industries, globally and regionally.

Sam Reeve, CompTeam founder and managing consultant, is a pay and talent performance expert, and a certified global compensation professional. His extensive experience with pay programs and competitive compensation analysis, career architecture, and talent management allows him to help clients of rapidly growing firms see real, measurable results, including increased productivity and significant pay savings, year-over-year.

Described as an innovative thinker with practical application, Sam strongly believes that everyone needs to be healthy and happy in their own lives in order to strive as a high-performing contributor. He is driven to help organizations match their employees with the work they are passionate about and reward their people for outstanding work.

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Hands On Business Podcast: December 17, 2023

Welcome to our latest podcast episode where we delve deep into the "9 Principles of Being a Business Owner."

In this episode, we break down those 9 essential principles that every business owner needs to understand and implement to ensure their venture's success.

Join us as we unpack each principle, providing real-life examples, actionable tips, and expert advice.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

● What fueled Adam and Tom's partnership for a business despite the diverse backgrounds

● Overview of the book’s 9 principles of being a business owner

● How to build vitality as a business owner

● How the application of these principles tripled Adam and Tom's business success

Meet The Host:

My name is Hakeem Adebiyi, and I am the founder of Sales Acceleration Formula. I created The Sales Acceleration Formula software to help companies and provide them and their sales team who struggle to follow a systematic process. The Sales Acceleration Formula has three key elements, and they are:

☑️ Target the right accounts based on potential and probability

☑️ Understand the decisions you are trying to influence

☑️ Build clear plans, actions, and deliverables around those decisions.

Legacy Leaders Podcast Episode 114: December 13, 2023

Listen to this informative Legacy Leaders episode with Adam Hurd & Tom Marino about Founding Atomic Business Coaching, Principles of Success, Work-Life Harmony, Overcoming limiting beliefs and building belief and Potential, Confidence and Clarity in Decision-making, Building a Team and Business Growth Strategies.


Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

● Uncover the secrets of Atomic Business Coaching for explosive growth in your business

● Master the art of work-life harmony as a business owner for a fulfilling and successful journey

● Overcome limiting beliefs to unleash your full potential as a business owner and leader

● Discover sustainable growth strategies through effective team building for long-term success


Meet The Hosts:

Stan Miller is the CEO of Pinnacle Legacy Law, an estate planning firm in Arkansas. He is passionate about helping families with customized estate planning solutions. Stan is known for his exceptional listening skills and ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms. He was an early pioneer of Living Trust planning in Arkansas and has established over 5,000 Living Trusts, safeguarding assets worth more than $4.5 billion. Stan is also a national leader in Estate Planning, having co-founded WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel, prominent organizations providing education and software for attorneys in the field. His latest book, "Your American Legacy: Powerful Strategies That Instill Lasting Values for Generations," became an International Best Seller in April.

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