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Coach Adam Hurd



Tom is a distinguished healthcare executive and licensed Physician Assistant. He hold a Masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS, PA) and is a Certified Life Coach (CLC). He served a Professor of Psychiatry at SUNY for a decade. Tom's transformative personal journey inspired him to become a coach, guiding others towards realizing their full potential. Throughout his career, Tom has always focused on developing others especially in his prior roles as Chief Transformation Officer at Harlem United, Vice President of Operations at AdvantageCare Physicians, and Corporate Director of Clinical Operations at Queens Long Island Medical Group. In these positions, he also drove organizational changes, improved patient care, and ensured regulatory compliance.

Beyond his professional achievements, Tom champions a philosophy called Adrenalized Living. This approach inspires individuals to express daily gratitude, embrace challenges, act purposefully towards their goals, reflect on progress, and sustain momentum. Alongside his career, he has authored three books. As the former host of The Tom Marino Show on 103.9 F.M. Long Island News Radio, he transitioned his skills to two podcasts. Tom's proven leadership and unique perspective make him an influential figure in personal growth and success.




Adam, with his 24 years of experience in financial services, currently serves as the President of a successful financial planning firm in New York, holding the certification of a Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA®), he is the Vice Chairman of the New York Advisory Group working with NY State Senate & Assembly members. Adam is also privileged to serve on the Small Business Advisory Council for the United States Congress. His current and previous experiences on the board of directors of multiple corporations have endowed him with a unique strategy for envisioning the big picture.

Adam has guided hundreds of companies from making their first million, to witnessing some clients exit for over 90 million. His involvement with multiple Chambers of Commerce, ranging from Committee Member to President, has provided him with a unique perspective to assist start-ups and small businesses in identifying growth opportunities. Furthermore, Adam has offered valuable resources to Fortune 100 companies through his consulting services. His wisdom, encapsulated in three published books and a weekly business podcast that he co-hosts, continues to enlighten many in the business world.

Coach Tom Marino
Adam & Tom Together:

When you bring two powerful forces of wisdom together, with completely different perspectives and knowledge bases, to work towards a single mission the potential is limitless!



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