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Receive weekly support through various methods such as training, counseling, and instruction to develop essential skills that enhance productivity and overcome performance issues.

* To be eligible for TAC, we require applicants to have either completed our Half-Day Consulting or possess a well-defined business plan, with the ability to take on an additional $1,000,000 in growth.

Introducing Tactical Advance Coaching (TAC), your dedicated allies in the entrepreneurial journey.

Rely on our expertise and guidance to receive the necessary support and advice to successfully execute everything you aspire to accomplish.

Experience the true power of TAC, a weekly collaborative coaching program that empowers business owners to actually implement their action plans without feeling isolated.

Benefit from unwavering support, insightful advice, prompt answers, innovative ideas, strategic direction, firm accountability, essential resources, proficient troubleshooting, practical solutions, and assistance in identifying and seizing new opportunities.

Our tailored coaching approach caters to your unique needs as an entrepreneur. We offer expertise and resources to navigate your business journey successfully. From addressing critical questions to providing directional guidance, we are committed to fostering your growth and success.

Embrace a comprehensive partnership that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and propels your business forward. With TAC, you become an active participant in your own success.

It's time to unlock your true potential with Tactical Advance Coaching.

Additional areas of focus available during your TAC retainer. These are each available as the complete course or focusing on one particular section:

✓  Find New Ground Program

✓  Build the Team Program

✓  One Page Business Plan

✓  90-Day Sales-Activity Plan

✓  9 Principles

✓  Goals to Greatness

✓  Skill-Sprint: 30x30 Mastery Challenge

✓  5x5 Exit Strategy


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