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Business Coaches Adam and Tom

new paths, less tasks, a life of harmony!


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Are you running your own business, or did you just create a job for yourself?

We built this company to serve as a unique differentiator for three types of business owners.​

Those Who:

  1. Are Seeking a New Direction

  2. Desire Immediate Growth

  3. Wish to Level-Up Their Business

We firmly believe that we've distinguished ourselves from other coaches and consultants by providing two dynamically different experts to work with each of our clients simultaneously!

In traditional coaching and consulting, it's standard practice to identify what needs to be done and recommend how to do it. However, the persistent challenge has always been taking action, and overcoming the mental blocks and fears to ultimately acquire a mindset that empowers you to take those necessary actions and achieve success.

Coach Adam Hurd

2 Coaches are better than 1

Coach Adam Hurd


is the perfect decision-making partner. He'll help you cut through the noise and make confident choices that align with what the business needs.

Coach Tom Marino


helps you get unstuck and move forward, providing insightful and supportive perspectives on self-awareness, obstacles, and fears to be an accomplished owner.


saw the opportunity to combine their skillsets, life learnings, and know-how for a higher good. Together they help people from just being self-employed to becoming true owners in business and life to exponentially increase their success and freedom!

Coach Tom Marino

OUr Programs

Supercharge Your Business
with Our Expert Programs

New direction   grow  |  Level-up

Join one of our dynamic programs designed to empower entrepreneurs.

With our expert guidance, transform your business into a self-sustaining powerhouse.

Experience life-changing growth, improved work-life balance, and the freedom to achieve more while working less.

It's time to redefine success and take your business to new heights!

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With each opportunity to work with us, you will learn to align your decisions with the life of success and fulfillment that you've always wanted. You'll gain access to a powerful arsenal of strengths so that no matter what goal or challenge comes your way, nothing can stand in the way of greatness!

Ready to unlock the unlimited potential within you and your business?

Schedule a call with Adam and Tom right now! We'll help you discover confidence, clarity, and direction - so that every decision is aligned with what truly matters.

Make this first step count: Click the link below to book an Introduction Call today - we look forward to supporting your success on this journey of transformation.

Let us Reignite Your Dreams... and THRIVE, instead of just SURVIVING.

At Atomic Business Coaching, we specialize in:

Guiding business owners to realize their full potential in both business and life.

We almost exclusively work with...

"Purple Collar Professionals". These are individuals whose work combines the hands-on expertise of "blue collar" roles with the analytical acumen of "white collar" jobs, thus creating a unique blend of skills that sets them apart.

We are based on Long Island, NY, and offer both in-person and virtual coaching to entrepreneurs.

If you are a "Purple Collar Professional" that owns a business and is seeking guidance to harmonize your professional endeavors with your personal aspirations, let's set up a complimentary session today!

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