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FIND NEW direction

Join our program that we call "Find New Direction" where we use our 5WH method and unlock the full potential of both you and your business.

Our comprehensive approach equips you with the tools to transform your enterprise into a self-sustaining, efficient, and growing entity that doesn't demand your constant attention.

Say goodbye to burnout, stagnation, and financial struggles. Welcome growth, improved work-life balance, and increased profitability. This isn't just about business advancement - it's about enhancing your quality of life. Let's create a sustainable future for your business together.

You’re going to realize your purpose and potential to create life-changing growth and freedom!

FIND NEW direction

Dive into the depths of your business with an 8-week exploration program designed to help you find confidence, clarity, and success.

In Week 1:

✓  Adam and Tom kick the program off together with you, before meeting one-on-one throughout weeks 2 – 7, and then together again in week 8. 

Week 2:  who

✓  Explore who you and your business are and to develop personal & business mottos.

Week 3: WHAT

✓  Identify the type of business you want to be and what obstacles stand in your way.

Week 4: WHERE

✓  Understand your current economic standing and where it needs to be, while exploring your personal values and their impact on reaching your goals.

Week 5: WHEN

✓  Focus on business and life goals to develop timelines you'll commit to and the action steps to begin working on them.

Week 6: WHY

✓  Understand the reasons behind why we need certain people in our lives and why others should be eliminated. It can help us to tackle fear, accept our beliefs, and nurture meaningful relationships.

Week 7: HOW

✓  Focus on what matters most and arm you with strategies to bring your plan into reality.

After 7 powerful weeks with 13 sessions, it's time to review the progress you've made and decide whether you're ready to fly solo or keep working together with our Team Build or Tactical Advance Partnership.


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