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Discovering Intention and Purpose in Business: Lessons from a Networking Meeting

Finding a clear intention with your business and aligning it with purpose can make the difference between thriving and merely surviving. This theme emerged powerfully during a recent networking meeting where various business owners shared their journeys, challenges, and aspirations. The insights gained from these interactions underscore the importance of understanding not just what you do, but why you do it.

The Power of Intention

One conversation that stood out involved a new author who had written a book on communication. Despite his enthusiasm, he struggled to articulate the core message or intention behind his book. This highlighted a crucial point: Without a clear intention, even the most promising ventures can flounder. Setting a strong, guiding purpose helps focus efforts and provides a roadmap for success. As one of the business coaches in the room put it, intention is about more than just having a plan; it's about infusing your work with meaning and direction.

Aligning with Your Purpose

This principle extends beyond writing books to the broader realm of business. Whether running an escape room, offering axe-throwing experiences, or engaging in any other enterprise, understanding the underlying purpose is vital. Businesses rooted in fads may find temporary success, but without a deep connection to a sustainable purpose, they struggle to endure.

During the meeting, a couple managing an escape room and an axe-throwing business shared their concerns about declining revenue. These businesses, once riding high on trends, now face the challenge of maintaining relevance. The key takeaway here is adaptability. Businesses must evolve with their industries while staying true to their core purpose. In the case of the escape room and axe-throwing enterprises, recognizing that they are in the "experience business" rather than just selling a specific activity could open new avenues for growth and sustainability.

The Evolution of Business Models

In another part of the discussion, attention turned to the ever-changing nature of business models. The rise and fall of trends demand that business owners stay agile and ready to adapt. For instance, video content creation, while currently in demand, will undoubtedly change in form and function over time. The essential skill is not just creating video content but mastering the art of engaging and communicating through evolving mediums.

This insight was reinforced by the story of a content creation business owner who was advised that the business model would likely need to evolve within five years. Success in such dynamic fields requires a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring that one's skills remain relevant even as the mediums and platforms change.

Persistent and Purposeful Growth

The networking meeting also featured stories of business owners who exemplify persistent and purposeful growth. One practitioner of Kundalini yoga, shared how her dedication to her craft has evolved into a focused mission to support brain health and longevity. Her journey underscores the importance of perseverance and finding deeper meaning in one's work. She didn’t initially set out to make a broad impact; she simply followed her passion and allowed her purpose to reveal itself over time.

This idea of "aggressive patience," a term highlighted in business coaching, resonates deeply here. It means working diligently and persistently while understanding that true success and purpose often unfold gradually. Stephanie's story is a testament to sticking with one's passion, continuously honing skills, and allowing purpose to emerge organically.

Creating Sustainable Success

For business owners and entrepreneurs, these stories serve as valuable lessons in building sustainable success:

1. Define Your Intention: Clearly articulate the purpose behind your work. Whether you're writing a book or starting a new venture, having a strong intention will guide your decisions and actions.

2. Align with Your Purpose: Understand the deeper reason behind your business. Are you selling a product or service, or are you providing an experience or fulfilling a need? This alignment with purpose helps in navigating changes and challenges.

3. Stay Agile and Adaptable: Be prepared to evolve with your industry. Trends come and go, but a business grounded in a flexible and purpose-driven approach can adapt and thrive through these changes.

4. Practice Aggressive Patience: Work consistently towards your goals with the understanding that meaningful progress often takes time. Stay committed to your vision, and allow your purpose to guide your journey.

5. Network with Intention: Engage in networking not just to expand your contacts but to learn and share insights that align with your purpose. Meetings like the one described provide valuable opportunities to reflect on your business approach and learn from others' experiences.

In conclusion, the insights from this networking meeting highlight that true business success goes beyond mere participation in trends or markets. It requires a deep understanding of one's purpose and a steadfast commitment to aligning every action with that purpose. Whether just starting out or navigating the complexities of an established business, these principles offer a roadmap to achieving lasting impact and fulfillment.

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