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The Art of Surrender: Embracing Change for Business and Personal Growth

Welcome to this week's exploration of surrender, a concept crucial to personal transformation and business success. Our latest course, "Surrender," launched just last Saturday aims to guide side hustlers and business owners through the process of letting go of outdated habits and adopting new practices that pave the way to freedom and success. 


The Importance of Surrender 


Surrender does not mean giving up; it means embracing the beginning of a new journey. As Marianne Williamson beautifully puts it, “The moment of surrender is not when life is over. It’s when it begins.” This idea is at the heart of our approach, emphasizing that true surrender is about yielding to a more authentic way of living and working, which can dramatically enhance one's quality of life and business. 


Transforming Habits: Insights and Statistics 


Changing a habit typically takes about 66 days, and in more extended cases, up to 254 days. However, practical tools such as writing down goals and having an accountability partner can significantly increase success rates—by 42% and 70%, respectively. These strategies are essential, especially when overcoming the fear of failure, the most common obstacle to personal change. 


Interestingly, a staggering 96% of self-employed individuals prefer their current mode of working to returning to traditional employment, highlighting the value they see in managing their paths and the freedom self-employment provides. 


A Story of Transformation 


Amy Debrucque's life story, as shared in a 2019 article on Thrive Global, is a powerful testament to the power of surrender. Having lived with severe anxiety masked by a facade of well-being, Amy's turning point came at age 40 when she faced her mortality and deepest fears. This confrontation led to a transformative experience where she embraced surrender, finding the courage to let go of her fears and live authentically. Today, Amy's journey inspires many to embrace their vulnerabilities and the uncertainties of life, demonstrating that surrender can lead to profound self-discovery and resilience. 


Steps to Embrace Surrender 


To effectively surrender to your business and personal growth, consider these steps: 


1. Identify Necessary Changes: Decide which habits are holding you back and need alteration. 

2. Acknowledge the Need for Change: Recognize and accept the necessity of these changes. 

3. Commit to Your New Path:  Make a personal commitment to your new direction in life and business. 

4. Set Clear Goals and Stay Accountable: Outline your objectives clearly and maintain accountability, possibly with a trusted individual or mentor. 

5.Continuously Learn and Adapt: Stay open to acquiring new knowledge and skills daily. 


By integrating these practices into your life, you'll set the stage for developing new habits that foster freedom and success. 




Surrender is not just a concept but a practical approach to both life and business that can lead to significant personal growth and operational success. By understanding and implementing the art of surrender, you're not just giving up old ways, but you're stepping towards a richer, more fulfilling life and business environment. 

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