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Why you Must be Fired to be Successful

As an entrepreneur, achieving the pinnacle of success often requires a series of transitions, akin to being 'fired' from your own business — not once, but thrice. This metaphorical firing process forms the bedrock of three critical stages in the entrepreneurial journey: the practitioner, the leader, and the king. 

The Practitioner Phase 

Among the many hats that a small business owner wears, the first is that of a practitioner. In this initial stage, the entrepreneur is deeply involved in all aspects of the business, from product development to customer service. While this hands-on approach is crucial for understanding the workings of your business, it can also limit growth if sustained indefinitely. 

To transcend the practitioner phase, entrepreneurs must adopt a growth mindset. This means recognizing that while you may start as a jack-of-all-trades, evolving into a successful business owner demands strategic planning, delegation, and redefining roles. 

The Transition to Leadership 

The next stage in this transformative journey is becoming a leader. Here, the entrepreneur steps back from the daily operational tasks to focus on leading the team and making strategic decisions. 

A key aspect of this transition involves effective delegation. By assigning tasks based on your team's strengths and areas of expertise, you free up your time to concentrate on scaling your business. Moreover, delegating leadership responsibilities across different segments or industries empowers your business and fosters a sense of ownership among your team members. 

However, this transition isn't merely about redistributing tasks. It's also a shift in mindset. As a leader, your role morphs from that of a doer to a visionary. Your primary function becomes setting the direction for your business and ensuring your team has the resources and support to follow that path. 

The Final Transformation: Becoming the King 

The final transformation in this entrepreneurial journey is the transition to the 'king' stage. At this point, you've successfully built a robust business and a competent team to manage it. Now, it's time to 'fire' yourself from the day-to-day management of your business. 

This doesn't mean abandoning your business. Instead, it entails seeking new opportunities for growth – be it venturing into new markets, starting a new passion project, or even selling your business. This final transformation allows you to explore new avenues for personal and professional development while ensuring your business continues to thrive under competent leadership. 


In conclusion, the path to entrepreneurial success often involves a series of self-initiated 'firings.' Each of these transitions - from practitioner to leader, and finally to king - encourages growth, enhances strategic capabilities, and fosters a culture of empowerment within your business. 

By embracing these transformations, you can significantly increase your revenue while working fewer hours. So, are you ready to 'fire' yourself and embark on a new cycle of success? To learn more about how to get started on this journey, reach out to a coach at Atomic Business Coaching today!

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